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Friday, September 26, 2008

Cumberland County and Fayetteville, NC Voter Guide - November 4, 2008

Being a knowledgeable voter is not easy. Hopefully every voter knows who is running for President by now but what about your local officials? What do you know about them? Do you even know what offices you can vote for? I know I don't know them all. When it really comes down to it too, your local officials have a lot more of an affect on your day to day life which makes their selection all that more important.

The best way to know who you can vote for is to go download a sample ballot. This way you will know exactly who and what will be on your ballot in the voting booth on November 4th. You can even fill out the sample ballot and take it with you.

The first thing you should do is check your voter registration. When I last checked, there was a link to download a sample ballot there. That is the easiest way to make sure your voter registration is up to date and to get a sample ballot. Also make note of your precinct as that is how you will know where to go to vote. (Once you know your precinct go to the Cumberland County polling locations page to see where to go. Google is also working on a voter info site but it is not yet complete as of writing this.) If you don't see your registration or ballot listed, call the Cumberland County Board of Elections at 910-678-7733, tell them your name and verify your address. I asked about a way to look this up yourself on their website since Cumberland County has 34 (34!!) different ballots and was told that there should be something up to do that soon (so look before you call).

So, if you live in Cumberland County, I've listed are all the people you may be able to vote for (depending on your precinct) along with links to their campaign sites. If I could not find a campaign site, I have not linked to anything. I will update this if I find any more. I was pretty disappointed not to find many sites for most of the County Commissioners and Board of Education offices.

US President

US Senate

US Congress (District 2)

US Congress (District 7)

US Congress (District 8)


There were a number of Gubernatorial debates. Several were with Perdue and McCrory and several were with McCrory and Munger. The only debate with all three candidates was the one on October 15th. You can watch the debate with all the candidates here.

Lieutenant Governor

You can watch the NC Lieutenant Gubernatorial Debate online. This debate took place on September 17th.

Attorney General


Commissioner of Agriculture

Commissioner of Insurance

Commissioner of Labor

Secretary of State

Superintendent of Public Instruction


NC State Senate (District 19)

  • Tony Rand email (Democrat)

NC State Senate (District 21)

  • Larry Shaw email (Democrat)

NC State House (District 22)

NC State House (District 42)

  • Marvin W. Lucas email (Democrat)

NC State House (District 43)

NC State House (District 44)

NC State House (District 45)

County Commissioner (District 2)

Register of Deeds

Supreme Court Associate Justice (Edmunds Seat)

Court of Appeals Judge (Martin Seat)

  • John C. Martin

Court of Appeals Judge (Wynn Seat)

Court of Appeals Judge (Tyson Seat)

Court of Appeals Judge (McCullough Seat)

Court of Appeals Judge (Stephens Seat)

Court of Appeals Judge (Arrowood Seat)

District Court Judge (District 12) (Devan Seat)

District Court Judge (District 12) (Dickson Seat)

  • John W. Dickson

District Court Judge (District 12) (Pone Seat)

  • Ed Pone

Board of Education (Dsitrict 1)

Board of Education (Dsitrict 2)

Board of Education (Dsitrict 3)

Board of Education (Dsitrict 4)

Board of Education (Dsitrict 5)

Board of Education (Dsitrict 6)

Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor

  • Reuben Cashwell
  • D. H. Vinson
I can't find much of anything on this race but what I have found is here.

One last note, please, please don't vote a straight ticket. Evaluate each candidate for each position against the other candidate(s). If you still can't decide, just leave it blank. It is worse to vote blindly than to not vote at all. I hope this page makes your research easier and helps you to make a knowledgeable decision about who to vote for.

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Kate Terkanian said...

Thanks for the guide. It is always difficult to vote for the judges. Even though the websites were produced by the candidates themselves, they provided me with enough information to make my decisions.

Forrest said...

I've made a few updates. I found a website for Commissioner of Labor candidate Cherie Berry, a campaign related blog at the Fayetteville Observer for County Commissioner candidate Jessie Bellflowers and a website for County Commissioner candidate Diane Wheatley. I also added the email addresses for a few candidates I found when I did not have a website for them.

Lou said...

Your guide helped me select the judges who best my match my political beliefs. I appreciate that you presented a non-partisan opportunity for us to use. Thanks for your service to the community

Forrest said...

I added links to the Fayetteville Observer page for County Commissioners and Board of Education candidates. Most all were interviewed and some have videos.

kristin said...

Thanks so very much for going to all this trouble, which has really helped me to obtain more info, especially on a local level!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Your old guide helped me figure out the 2012 ballot!