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Saturday, May 31, 2008

WiiWare just got Dr. Mario, yipee!!

I've been waiting for the Wii Virtual Console version of Dr. Mario to come out for a while. (For those who don't know, Dr. Mario is a little like Tetris but with colors instead of shapes.) It isn't my favorite game but my wife LOVES it and anything that makes her happy makes me happy! Today I was excited to see Nintendo did one better: they released a new version for WiiWare called Dr. Mario Online Rx.

This new version has a mode that works the same way as the old game with some newer graphics and some additional features (like the annoying shadow pieces, which you can fortunately disable). The best part of the new features with the old game is you can play against others online. Currently my wife is almost on her 4rd straight hour of playing since I bought it for her and we found the online play feature. She has even faced several Japanese competitors.

There is also a new variation of the game you can play with the Wiimote pointer. It is the same game but you drag and rotate the pieces using the pointer and the buttons. The pieces move a lot slower and are a lot larger to make it possible. I didn't care for that as much but it was still neat and better than just Dr. Mario. Oh, it is also multi-player on the same screen.

The download cost is 1,000 points ($10) which is well worth it. Had they just made a virtual console version it would have been $5 but without the nicer UI, the additional game variation and of course the online play. Props to you Nintendo.

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