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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Looking for free online storage for your blog?

Today I needed to share a file on one of my blogs. A quick search showed a ton of potential sites but very few met my exact requirements. First, I wanted something free. Many of the sites are cheap but few have a free plan. I really only need a few hundred MB at most anyway. I also wanted something that I could share files with anyone without a password and also anonymously would be nice. Many of the sites were more backup oriented which wouldn't work for me either. I used this guide, The Online Storage Gang, at TechCrunch to help me.

The only real solutions left I found were xdrive owned by AOL now and The Link Up. I never was able to get an account setup on xdrive thanks to almost no available usernames and crazy password restrictions. I think The Link Up will work well for me though. They offer 2GB free and 25GB for $5.95 per month (I think). Their site is low on information. Check out a screen shot of some of the options:

Honestly though, I think the best solution would be to use Amazon S3 but I am still just looking for something very, very cheap (read free). Maybe if my blog ever gets big enough (I doubt it will, I don't have that much time for it) then I will use that.

And another note, I should have looked at dropfiles. I've used dropload before but it is no longer functioning. Lifehacker has some file sharing suggestions too.


Outsideshot said...

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this question - you might want to check out ElephantDrive too.

Curious how the Link Up works out. They used to be Streamload/MediaMax, which had a lot of problems, supposedly they've improved over time.

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