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Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome Back Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert!

I meant to post this last Monday when The A Daily Show and The Colbert Report came back on the air after the holidays despite the writers strike. I thought both shows did an excellent job without writers and did a good job covering the writers strike (that is about all they did actually). The explanation of both sides was both informative and entertaining. Colbert was much funnier than Jon though.

Favorite Daily Show quote was about 4:10 in: "Why did Viacom sue YouTube? Well, they sued them for a billion dollars, clearly a figure they pulled out of their asses. If there were real money on the Internet, don't you think they would have gone with a believable figure? A billion dollars? What are they four year olds?" Thanks for the play by play go to Variety's WGA Strike Blog.

It is clear they don't have writers though. It isn't nearly as funny or polished as before the strike and they both, but Colbert especially, do a lot of things that are obvious time killers. Colbert did some Ellen dancing and also had the audience applaud for him for several solid minutes on episodes last week.

The best part of their being back is it got me to the gym all week. I purposefully only have the most basic cable package so if I want to watch the Daily Show, I have to go to they gym. So here is to another week of working out. Thanks Jon and Stephen.

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