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Friday, February 8, 2008

Pink and Blue and Yellow and Girls and Boys and Who Knows

I was closing some of the many open Firefox tabs I always leave open today and I found a cute site I saw last week again. It was the Pink and Blue Project.

I'll let the photographer, Jeongmee Yoon, explain it.

The Pink and Blue Project” was at first motivated by my daughter. At five years old, she loves pink so much that she wants to wear only pink clothes and use only pink toys or objects.

I found that she is not unusual and most other little girls in the U.S. and South Korea love pink clothing, accessories and toys. This phenomenon seems widespread among various ethnic groups regardless of their cultural background. It could be the result of an influence of customs or the power of pervasive commercial advertisements for merchandise such as Barbie and Hello Kitty.

While producing the “pink” images, I also became aware that many boys have a lot of blue possessions and started photographing them as well. Through advertising, consumers are directed to buy blue items, symbolizing strength and masculinity, for boys; and pink items, symbolizing sweetness and femininity, for girls.

More Pink and More Blue for you. But why is yellow "gender neutral"? Ah, and an interesting blog post on the history of the color/gender relationship.

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