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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fayetteville, NC gets a Dog Park!

Today my dog Phoebe and I went to the dog park in Fayetteville. We found out about it through the mailing list of the Fayetteville Area Active Dogs Meetup Group. It has only been open since September 30th so I was worried there might not by anyone there but there were about a half dozen dogs there when we arrived. By the time we left after 45 minutes (as the sun was setting) we saw about a dozen different dogs.

We were really disappointed that there was not a dog park when we first moved to Fayetteville a few months ago. We moved from Durham where we lived in walking distance of the dog park in Pineywood Park. Phoebe went at least 3 times a week and some weeks in the Summer we went every day.

Finding the Fayetteville dog park is easy if you have the correct address. Most of the press releases had the address number as 355 but I think it was a typo as the address should really be 535 N. Eastern Blvd (directions) which is on a side road right in front of the wastewater treatment plant and across highway 301 from the Cape Fear Botanical Garden. I used Google Maps to make a map of the park.

The park is mostly grass which is nice. The man dog area is about 1.4 acres and has 4 or 5 benches and a fire hydrant doggie water fountain. The small dog area also has its own water fountain. There is another area connected to the large dog area with more benches and more room for your dog to run an play but that area was closed (with a lock even) when we were there. I am not sure why.

Just outside of the fenced in area there are also some tables and benches for those who don't want to venture into the dog area. That is a good idea if you bring your baby and your dog.

We really love the park and wish we had gone earlier (and that it was a little closer to us). My only complaint is there aren't enough poop clean up bags. There was only one trash can by the entrance and a roll of bags sitting on the top of it. People need not have any excuse not to pick up after their pets but with a park that has been open for less than a week there are already some places owners haven't cleaned up after there pets. I even stepped in one when walking to the trash can after cleaning up after my pet. Argh!

(I have also been told there is a dog park on Fort Bragg. The address I found for that is 40 Bastogne Dr but since my wife and I aren't in the military, I don't think we can go on base to use this one.)

And now for some pictures:

The entrance near the botanical gardens

Entrance to the park from the parking lot

The sally port entrance to keep those sneaky dogs from getting out

The fire hydrant watering hole for your thirsty dog

There is lots of seating

And don't forget the rules... especially the one about picking up after your dog!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm on the committee that worked with Parks and Rec to get the dog park here in Fayetteville. The reason the gate is up and locked to the other section is that that is going to be for overflow when the park gets busier - its locked now due to the recent rainfall and the fact that its very muddy in that area.

Forrest said...

brdjava44 - Well then a big thanks to you for helping to make the dog park a reality! I figured that area was closed for something like that. It did look pretty wet over there and I noticed a lot of places in the main area that had been covered with sod for that very reason. See you at the park!

Evelyn said...

We have gone to the park three times and it is so great! We went today and it was really busy. I was somewhat nervous though because people were not following the rules. Two toddlers and an infant in his seat on bench in the big dog area we use. One toddler of about two years was hands on with alot of the dogs. If they are startled by them it might not be pretty. But if everyone takes the rules serious it will be a great safe relaxing visit for everyone!!!

pegan said...

So I was looking online to see if there was a dog park to take my puppy to, he is really unhappy and its because he spent the first six weeks always outside but i live in an apartment and cant let him roam around outside like i would like to, I was a tad bit upset when I started looking at the picture regarding the rules because it states no dogs under four months of age! Well that sucks, and they cant have a coke collar? I mean did we forget that those are one of the best for training especially if your puppy tears up the cloth one? But I have gotten off topic.. My thing is as long as your adult dog or over sized puppy is being watched then what does it matter the age, they need play time at a park too! Does anyone know of a park that allows puppies under the age of four months.. oh and FYI mine is 11 weeks and he looks like a four month old.. thanks!

Sydney said...

No park allows dogs under 4 months anywhere in the country because it is not safe for the puppy. They are not completely vaccinated until that age and no one wants to start another round of parvo

Anonymous said...

does it cost anything to get in this park?

Forrest said...

The dog park is free to use. Your taxes pay for it.

jen said...

After a few tries finding the place I was disappointed. Not at the actual dog park but because of the age restrictions on the humans. Unfortunately most rental properties in NC don't believe in fenced in yards. I was excited to take my 1 yr old rescue and my 4 year old son to play. But once we got there I noticed the sign that doesn't allow children under 12. This would have been a great time for us three.

Trista said...

I have a 4 year dog that is some mix of pitt/boxer/rottie and I've only had him for about three or four weeks. I have never been to a dog park before and was nervous about how my dog would act with other dogs as well as off his leash. The park was amazing, the people were so encouraging for me to just let him off the leash! Big thumbs up to this place!! I am so glad I found it (I found it because of this blog actually) and will be making this a regular trip for my babyboy! =D

HK0789 said...

My car was broken into at this dog park. My window was shattered and purse was stolen. Although a very nice park, not the safest location. Be careful!

Justine Lynnette said...

that is not a true statement while I lived in Washington the rule was that they just had to be up to date on shots. The one we went to was one of the best parks I have ever been. I doubt I will ever find one quite as good. But I look forward to checking this out when we move to NC.

Justine Lynnette said...

We will soon be moving to Fayetteville and was looking for a good park. Thanks for the heads up on the age restrictions I will not be coming to this park seeing as I have three kids all 5 and under. That is really sad. Honestly if your dog is mature enough to be off leash they should be trained well enough to act appropriately around humans of all sizes and ages.