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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

State sanctioned murder is legal again!

Wohoo! Today the US Supreme Court ruled states can get back to murdering again. And what better day then during the first visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the US? It was a nice FU to the Vicar of Christ! Who really cares What Jesus Would Do (WJWD) after all? It was also great news to follow the Amnesty International report on world executions yesterday showing us that the US is only 5th in the world with a mere 42 executions last year. China is killing us (pun intended) with 470 executions last year. We are also well behind the other 3 above us: Iran with 317, Saudi Arabia with 143 and Pakistan with 135 executions last year.

There has been a moratorium on executions essentially nationwide until today. It has been in effect since the case Baze v. Rees, Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Corrections (PDF Opinion) was brought before the court last September. This was the first time since 1890 that a challenge to the method of execution has been brought before the court making the decision even more important. The court's decision could have forced states to rethink the way they are killing their citizens.

I guess not. Thinking is overrated anyway.

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